Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On the 16th Day of Christmas

On the 16th Day of Christmas we of course went up to Temple Square for our annual Christmas light viewing. Just a little bit about the Christmas lights on temple square they were started in 1965 by President David O McKay and has ran every year since that almost 50 years straight, impressive when you think how many lights go up on those trees every year, thousands. This year we took our new family friend Akane from Japan to visit the light again, I hope we didn't freeze her out to much. We met the rest of my family first to eat dinner at Chinese Buffet a family favorite, always leave that place feeling like we need to roll out, but luckily we were able to walk it off while viewing the lights. 

All bundled and ready with wonderful company.
 Though you can't tell Sydni was already sleeping and that is how she stayed the remainder of the couple hours we were on Temple Square. 
 Daniel and Leah look mighty warm all bundled up tight. 
 Part of the bunch. 
The nativity is read throughout the nights during the holiday season reminding us that the reason we celebrate Christmas is because of our Savior. Interesting note to mention is that I found out parts of this nativity set are almost 50 yrs old, namely the wise men who came to worship the babe laying in a manger. 
 It always melts a parents heart when your little one recognizes what you have been teaching, Carson immediately knew it was baby Jesus. 
 Shepherds tending their sheep by night. 
 The Wisemen from the East coming to worship the king. 
 No matter how many times I visit the temple lights it always amazes me the beauty of all the lights. 
 Our little family. 
 I felt bad because I know he was freezing, but he just would not keep his gloves, hat, or shoes on the entire time. We would put them on and he would immediately take them off again. I guess hard lessons are sometimes the best teachers. 
 Our sleeping beauty, I am sure next year she will get to see the lights and enjoy them. 

 The temple where our little family started, I am grateful to be sealed to each one of them and be have the promise to be able to live with them again.
 Loved how the fog looks along the reflection pond, could never have caught that with our old camera. 
 Our new family friend Akane
The beautiful chandelier in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. 
 The entire bunch, including a new girl my brother brought. 
 Nice shot honey!
 Giddy up Austin
 Silliness, but got to love them. 
 Before we left we headed over to the new City Creek Mall to buy some chocolate from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory and on the way we saw a plane propeller in the window of Deseret Book, he loved it! 
A nice little surprise, the fountain at the mall was put together with Christmas music, fantastic show this was of Carol of the Bells. 
 Trying one more time to get him to keep his warm clothing on, it was not a success. 
What a wonderful thing the church has put together for all to come and visit and feel the spirit of Christmas as well as the beauty. 

And of course we could not have a Christmas day without our friend Toby, he was riding on the penguin express today. 

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