Saturday, December 14, 2013

On the 13th Day of Christmas

I know in the song there is no 13th day of Christmas but in a Dickens' Christmas there is (heheh), so today we broke out our decorating abilities and made sugar cone Christmas trees. But before we made our candy Christmas trees, a good old fashion ride in the laundry basket was in order.
 Dad's are the best!
 Who knew she actually played quite a long time in the laundry basket, she liked putting her hands through the holes
After a fun came of laundry basket go cart and some breakfast the kids pretended to be sleeping in Mom and Dad's bed.
 Sharing his "B" with his sister, he specifically asked me to put it on her too, such a nice boy!
Once Sydni was down for her morning nap it was time for Carson and Mom to make our sugar cone Christmas trees.Our trees didn't turn out quite a pretty as the pictures I have seen online, but they were wonderfully unique in their own special ways. 
Being a laid back person comes in handy when powder sugar is involved, in fact it ended up on the floor rather than in the mixing bowl, but no worries it cleans up easily.  Love the action that I was able to capture with the powder sugar, just love this new camera.
 Just love his expressions when is in deep concentration, sometimes though not in these ones his tongue comes out as well, that is an Uncle Daniel trait as well.
And yes I know you might be asking, "Why in heavens name did I let him hold the food coloring?" I was taking a risk and it paid out, not a single drop outside the mixing bowl. 
Pretty proud of himself
Have to test the frosting of course, and he approved.
On to decorating and of course eating along the way, frequently.
 "I did it!"
M & M's
Our uniquely decorated trees, one for mom and one for Carson.
 Love the close up of little hands at work.
 Now the next few pictures are typical boy pictures for those of you who have little boys.
1st: Looking glass
 2nd: Trumpet
 3rd: Crush mode
4th: Of course the messy hands and face
Finally a satisfied sugar filled boy who will ran for hours that day without a nap, thank goodness for sugar I guess.
We had lots of fun and such an easy activity for little hands, I think if we had attempted making a ginger bread house it would never have made it past its foundation without being smashed, crushed, and eaten. 

Additionally we found out little Toby stuck in the window after returning home from the North Pole, silly little elf. 

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