Sunday, December 22, 2013

On the 21st Day of Christmas

The 21st Day of Christmas was spent mostly finalizing our Christmas gifts and getting ready for the Dickens' family Christmas party, so not much individual activity for Carson and I. Though the day did start out with a very excited boy that Toby the elf returned from his hospital stay!
After we returned home from our Christmas shopping, Carson and mom started making our candy for the candy exchange
We first attempted crushing the peanuts with rolling pin as not to crush them to powder, but that didn't work.
 So electrical chopper it is, however, for some reason he is pretty afraid of it. 
 Finally after some coaxing from Mom and Dad he would push the button with Mom's help.
After Sydni went down sleep Carson, Dad, and Mom sat down to watch Star Trek. Well it turns out Star Trek still a bit boring for Carson, so instead he decided to pretend to Jack from Nightmare before Christmas during part of the show. 

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