Monday, December 2, 2013

On the First Day of Christmas

 Another year has past and here we find ourselves once again in the midst of the Christmas season, it seems that years go by quicker and quicker.  Oh how I love decorating the house and putting up the Christmas tree as a family, it makes the whole season that much more bright and cheerful. Now all that we are missing is the snow and I do hope it's coming otherwise we might have a brown Christmas. 

We decided that we would let Carson put up the ornaments where ever he so desired, it takes patience for sure to no move them immediately, but it was so worth it getting a giant smile like this one. We did eventually move them around, but in the end the goal was accomplished, Carson helped and had a whole lot of fun doing it. 
 He now exclaims "Mama, Daddy is Trippas." So cute!
Robert was also in on the action, besides who else could put that new Ribbon on the top of the tree?
 One day I am sure Carson will be able to reach the top all by himself. 
Some of the other Christmas decorations we have this year, love them all and you can't have to many right?
Could not pass up this candid moment between Daddy and daughter, love these two. 
One of our main Christmas presents to ourselves was a brand new DSLR camera, so I thought I would give this pinterest photo shot idea with Sydni, it turned out adorable. 
I believe she is a fan of Christmas too. 
Loves the ornaments as well, though I can say I am quite happy she is still immobile at the present time. 
We also started our advent Santa beard Calendar as well as removed one link off our Christmas link chain, one day closer to Christmas.
Our Christmas scene as a cartoon, a neat designed by our new camera. 
Dickens' in cartoon :)
And to round out our first day of December and our first tradition for the Christmas season a night watching Frosty the Snowman wrapped up in our blankets. 
 I wonder what will the 2nd day of Christmas bring for our little family?

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