Wednesday, December 18, 2013

On the 18th Day of Christmas

On the 18th of day of Christmas Carson and I had some science fun. All we needed was good old baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, and some fun Christmas shapes. Because Carson is still small I placed the baking soda in the cookie cutters and mixed the vinegar and food coloring, but if you have older kids you can have them help in this process, I just knew that it would be more work for me if I had him help. 

Ready for some Science
Then I let him have his fun dipping the medicine dropper in the vinegar and dripping it on the baking soda. Though I did not get his true expression because I wanted to minimize the mess, he had a blast making it bubble. 
As I was taking pictures I could not help but wonder what was going in his head. Did he wonder how it was making bubbles or why it was bubbling?
What a cute expression.
The final picture of the mess, just kidding it really was not much of a mess to clean up, he did very well it pretty much stayed on the cookie sheet with a few dots of color on the table, so overall no mess clean up. Another success for day with my little guy, love his to pieces!
 We woke up to Toby reminding us the reason we celebrate Christmas and that is because of our Savior Jesus Christ, thanks Toby for the reminder.

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