Tuesday, December 24, 2013

On the 22nd Day of Christmas

On the 22nd day of Christmas we had our annual Dickens' family Christmas party, and we didn't have to drive to it! 

It was a fun filled evening put on my Teresa and Jaime and very good job it was! Lots of yummy soups, bread sticks, veggies, and desserts to choose. I am sure all like myself went home very full.
But the best part besides the company was the annual gag gift exchange, this year it was decided that the children and adults would join in together, and it was very fun to be all together. Some of the gifts were funny gifts, and some were good gifts.
Yummy drink Ella and spiffy soccer shorts Athena. 
For Carson's first gift he opened it up and found two cans of Pringles, and when Dad opened up his gift he found four cans of Pringles. So effectively as a family we loaded up with all the Pringles that were brought, happy day for Carson. 
Our bearded young Santa Claus, Jeremy. 
Carson the entire game was eyeing the presents and wanting to open all the gifts. 
Doug and his cute girls. 
The family
The teenagers Amanda, Athena, and Hazel
A cute picture of Lehala and Grandpa Dickens
The boys of the family. 
Nice picture of the Powells 
Our beautiful hostess
And our other Host Jaime
The favorite place for Carson, jumping off the fireplace. 
Nathan Langton was the lucky number one and got to go first and ended up getting yummy peach rings. 
Lucky number two Haley, what is she going to get?
Doug Neel got See's chocolate. 
Clair got Jenga for hours of fun. 
Being with family is really what makes this time of year lots of fun, love the family I married into, could not have asked for a better in-law family!

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