Wednesday, December 25, 2013

On the 23rd Day of Christmas

So little time so many things to do at Christmas time, but this is one tradition I love! Going to the Riverwoods mall in Provo, they do such a good job at decorating, and I just love the Santa Claus they have their, I love that it feels less commercialized that a normal Mall Santa! We mostly let Carson run around and play in the snow and just have a good time, it is fun to watch the expressions of a little child seeing lights, it seems so magical to them. 
Here is pointing to Santa Claus
They do such a good job with their lights. I have to mention as I was going through looking at the pictures Robert took while we were out, I noticed a familiar co-worker who just happened to be captured in our photos, I didn't even see him there when we were there. 
Carson spent the majority of the time playing in the snow, he loved this puppy. Yes, I said puppy she was not even a year old and that big.
Love this action shot, it is almost like it is in slow motion.
Another big snow pile.
He was bound and determined to stomp all all snow balls. 
Some pretty cool trees decorated. 
Warming ourselves by the fire, they have several around the mall.
Yippy another snow pile!
Ready, Set
Robert trying his had at photography with our new camera.
Miss Sydni enjoying being warm and cozy during our family outing. 
Imagine that another snow pile, he is in Heaven!
Right before we saw Santa Claus.
Who could be, but St. Nick himself!
Santa these kids have been very good this year.
Our little family of 4, love each one of them.
Finally where was Toby today, well he decided that he needed to make dinner.

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