Wednesday, December 11, 2013

On the 11th Day of Christmas

Yesterday I didn't set enough time with Carson between cleaning and selling things on Facebook, so today we remedy that with a simple Christmas tree sticker activity. He loved playing with the stickers and making his own "Trippas tress," we even put some presents around the trees. We also did a little shopping today and while we were at Target he saw quite a few elves on a shelf, he let me know pretty quickly that there were many Tobys(our elf is named Toby).  Glad is he is catching onto the idea of the elf, but glad again that he is still young and I didn't have to become a clever mom on the spot to explain why there were lots of elves that looked like Toby. I also purchased the elf of the shelve movie, if you have not seen it I recommend it, I think it is pretty cute even if you don't have an elf on the shelve tradition. 
 Such concentration
 Love the little smirk on his face. 
 While Carson I spent some times, Sydni played with the camel from our little Fisher Price Nativity set. She is starting to get better at holding a toy and sitting up at the time no less. 
 I realized towards the end that I had a present stamp and I let him go at it, turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself and I do. :)
 The final master piece. 
And I know you are all wondering where Toby was today, well he paid a visit to honer the true reason why we celebrate Christmas, our Savior Jesus Christ laying in a manger. 

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