Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Clever Carson

Ever since he learned how to open up the child proof locks and we had to lock him from the outside Carson has fought and fought napping, well today he got clever in avoiding taking a nap. I placed Carson in his room to at least have quiet time in hopes that he would fall asleep, awhile later I can hear him say "Mom, with you" a couple of times and I ignored him. Well not much later I hear "Mom, diaper off," well of course with a two year old you can't ignore this. I walk in and he had taken off all his clothes, clever boy he knew that I would open the door and he could come out. Well his plan was foiled when I put his clothes and diaper back on and placed him back in his bed, well he decided he would get the last move. A short time later he called again telling me he pooped in his diaper, once again I found him but naked. Well after that I decided it was not worth making him take a nap, silly boy. 

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