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Christmas Day! When we woke up at 9 am, I know WOW, 9 am and we have little kids. We were very shocked that the kids didn't wake up until then, they are normal up and ready for the day by 7:30, but it was a great present form our kids to be able to sleep in a bit.  It was fun to see Carson getting even more excited about opening presents, we couldn't seem to stop if from opening a package and immediately grabbing another one to open, love the excitement. 
I had found a few weeks ago Thomas the Train wrapping paper, and for those of you who know Carson will know he absolutely loved it! To say this kids got spoiled is an understand, there are a lot of people in their lives that love them and want to see them happy by the evidence of what they got for Christmas. They each got to open at least 5-6 presents and a couple stockings worth of neat things, all of which hat some point have been a major hit. In the stockings(though all for Carson), they received 8 cans of play dough, a few hot wheel cars, a cookie cutter train to play with the play dough, candy of course, a train ornament to place on the tree for next year, and probably a few other items that I am not remember, but quite a bit. 
Carson first present of choice of course a Thomas wrapped gift, which ended up being Memory, classic game for sure that had to be owned. 
Next was a jacket, shirt, and pants from Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa O'Donnell
Even today, the day after Christmas Carson let me know he got pants, his memory is getting better and better. 
Then is was time for Sydni to "open" a few of her presents. This particular present from G & G Payne was a eye spy farm type book. 
Of course a typical baby was more interested in the jiggle bell, bow, and wrapping paper. 

Something special to note, is the pjs that Sydni is wearing are the very same pjs that Carson wore for his first Christmas, kind of neat I think. 
In the meantime, Carson just could not wait for Sydni to finish opening her present so he took advantage of us not paying attention to open up his Emily Train.
I have not seen another boy love trains so much as I have Carson. 
This particular giraffe toy plays who knows how many songs, lots to say the least.
It has been a hit with Sydni and Carson, thanks Great Grandma and Grandpa O'Donnell. 
As part of Santa and a present from Mom and Dad, Carson received 19 new hot wheel cars to help replace the many that have disappeared into the black hole in our house. 
Sydni enjoying her first Christmas, such a cutie. 
Another favorite gift for Carson was this Thomas the Train book which came with 12 small Thomas and Friends trains and a little map of Sodor Island to drive them around. We have yet to let him play with the map, we would like to hard laminate to help prolong the life of the map. Thanks again Grandma, Grandpa Payne and Aunt Rachel. 
He just can't wait for mom to open, bursting with excitement. 
Okay, I guess we let him play with the map for a moment before putting it up. 
Yummy bow apparently. 
Sydni for being barely 6 months was pretty good and ripping the paper of her presents. 
A little sea horse that makes soothing sounds to help calm a baby, it has worked a few times, a very good purchase, not to mention adorable. 
Perfect shot of Carson's new ABC robots, it is going to be fun learning his ABC's while playing with his robots. 
This next gift was perfect, he has recently become interested in tractors and flashlights, and what do ya know he gets a tractor flashlight for Christmas, perfect!
This gift is neat, moldable foam balls, feel sticky, but really are not.
And finally the last Christmas present to open for the kids, Sydni received some stackables from Grandma and Grandpa Payne, for endless hours of fun. 
As you can tell they were spoiled, they also received money from Grandma and Grandpa O'Donnell and Dickens and a blanket and stuff animal from Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Payne. We thank everyone who made this Christmas wonderful for our kids, they really do make the holidays bright. 

Now the kids were not the only ones that received wonderful gifts but Robert and I gave each other sentimental gifts for Christmas this year, not knowing the other was thinking along the same lines. Robert gave me a certificate for what he title "Year of Devotion" meaning he is devoting and writing down that I am entitled to 24 dates to better our relationship. 12 of those dates will be bettering ourselves spiritually by going to the temple, and 12 of those dates will be bettering our relationship as a couple doing enjoyable things together. It was accompanied by a very touching note that made me cry, love you Honey!
For Roberts gift I made him a movie of our life together, put to music with a few pesronal messages strung throughout the movie. As I was editing it through this whole month, I could not help but shed quite a few tears of happiness, to realize how lucky I am to have a wonderful husband who loves me unconditionally, and has blessed me with two adorable and wonderful children. There has only been a few times where I have seen Roberts show outward emotions through sheding a tear and watching this movie was one of those times, I am glad it touched him because I meant every word to the songs I chose and the personal messages I placed inside the movie. 
It is sometimes pretty difficult to get a great picture of these two little ones, but for Christmas we succeeded!
After a relaxing morning opening presents as a family, we headed up to Sandy for dinner with my family. As I grow older I realize more and more what a great family I was privileged to grow up in. I have two loving parents who love us and who love each other, and that are still together, not many can say that. In fact and I are very rare to have both our parents still married, thanks to both of them for showing us each day what it means to be married and for being the great examples that you are. I love my famliy and could not imagine my life without them, each of them has told me many things and has brought so much joy into my life. 
After dinner Carson, Rachel, Grandpa, and Daddy went out back to play in the snow. And boy did they have fun for quite a while, while the rest of us slaved in the kitchen cleaning up, just kidding, but cleaning non the less. 
Absolutely love seeing my Dad interact with my son, he just adores his Grandpa. 
He also adores his Aunt Rachel, enjoying his sleigh ride. 
This way everyone to the sledding hill. 
Ready, Set ....
Lets give this hill another try. 
Taking a breather
Wants to be just like his Aunt Rachel.
Helping Grandpa Clear a path. 
With our near camera we were able to capture back to back pictures has Carson took a tumble on the ice. 
Down for the count.
Do you remember when you could be out for hours in the cold, or face planting in the snow eating the snow, well Carson just loves it. 
Are you coming?
Like grandpa, like grandson! Such a darling picture of grandpa's little helper. 
It was a fun day filled with lot of memories to Cherish, love all my family and friends and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

Just had to throw this picture of Austin and his "girlfriend" Kelsee in sketch for him, love my brother and have enjoyed getting to know Kelsee.
 Until next year Christmas, 364 days to go!

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