Saturday, December 7, 2013

On the 6th Day of Christmas

On the 6th day of Christmas my internet crashed, BAH HUMBUG as Scrooge would say. So what really happened was a day full of lots of fun activities from playing outside in the snow, to receiving gifts from Great Grandma, and finally swimming with the cousins. 

To begin the day, as mom was making breakfast I looked over to this seen of my children on the couch together. Brother like sister, both sipping away at their bottles, love these two and how they are interacting more and more each day. I would say Sydni will look up to her big brother quite a bit in her lifetime. 
During Sydni's morning nap time Carson was begging in his own little way of repeating "Snow, snow, snow, that he wanted to go outside and play. As the time was nearing that I belived that Sydni would wake Carson and Mom got all bundled up to head outside to play for a time. He could not wait for Sydni to wake up, in fact he kept asking "Sydni, wake?"
My bundled up blue marshmallow boy, see his excitement. 
Finally she was awake and ready to play outside.
She is not so sure about this snow suit.
Looks so little with all the white snow. 
Frequently this is how I would find his hat, it didn't seem to bother him much, in fact it took me quite awhile to convince him to let me help twist it so he could see better, silly boy.
Snow this year is just not her thing, but she tolerated it for about a 1/2 an hour getting longer, which I am sure Carson is happy about. 
And yes I was out their braving the cold as well, I wonder how I ever played outside in this bitter cold for hours as a kid.
While we were out and about, Carson noticed a neighbor girl playing outside with her Dad. He promptly ran over to her saying, "Mom, kid, Mom!" When we got over we noticed the little girl and her Dad were building a wall, Carson thought he should help build the "snowman", the little girl tried and tried to get him to figure out they were building a wall, with no luck. If you build something outside with snow it is snowman. :)
When it was time to go inside I couldn't get Carson to follow me inside, so I went ahead alone to put Sydni inside and then come out and get Carson. Well, luck would have it, I had locked ourselves out of the house, luckily thanks for a wonderful friends who live close and are willing to house a spare key, it would have been mighty cold otherwise. Thanks again Kiara!

Just before Carson's nap there was a ring at the door and a package waiting for us when we opened the door from Great Grandma. Carson couldn't wait to open the box to see what was inside, when he saw they were presents he got even more excited. What was in the box you say, the most adorable 2 stockings that I have ever seen handmade my talented Grandma, she out did herself once again. In addition to the stockings was the cutest little storybook bear who reads the entire Twas the Night Before Christmas in the most adorable little kid voice. 
Simply amazing work, I am so grateful everyone of us has different talents. 
Carson loved the little story bear and I am not sure how many times we have listened to it so far, but many. 
 Thanks Great Grandma for hours of fun with our new story bear. 
 Precious moment.

Unfortunately at the time, Sydni was taking a nap and didn't get to open her stocking up with Carson, but Carson helped her with that, he opened both, so I had to tape it back up in order to let wrSydni open her first present.
 Love the expression on her face, now what do you do with this?
 Carson so despretly wanted to help her open her present in fact after I re-wrapped it the first time he grabed it out of his hands shortly after the second picture and unwrapped it, so I re-wrapped it again. 

A non traditional activity for a Utah winter, swimming which just what we did as a family to end out our 6th day of Christmas fun. Robert had a lot of fun taking pictures of the swimmers with our new camera, it is quite fun and interesting to watch them in reverse you can actually see all the action taking place one picture after another. 

Carson is getting really good at swimming unassisted from mom and dad. He loves his new freedom in the pool
 He is also getting more daring, jumping in the pool constantly
Best buds Alexandra and Carson
 The birthday girl Athena, 14 yrs old now. 
 Aunt Renee' with Sydni, she loved it.
 Our little cannon ball again. 
 It is amazing how sketch can make one look better. 
 Love he excitment for "shopping," he gets shopping and swimming mixed up when speaking. 
 Sydni is becoming quite comfortable with the water now and seems to love it. 
Is now even okay with laying on her back.  
 Alexandra loved holding baby Sydni, and Sydni loved it too!
 Playing around with cousin Nathan. 
 Such a natural, she is going to be one great mom some day. 
 Who is going to win, I believe Athena ended up winning with Samantha in a close second. 
When we got home from swimming Daddy went and grabbed some pizza for an easy dinner, by the end of his 3rd piece you could tell Carson was finished for they day. In a matter of minutes I turned around and he was snoring logs. So we as the parents had a party, just kidding but it was different to have both kids in bed by 8 pm, almost didn't know what to do with myself, just kidding. 
And I promise that our little Christmas elf will finally start coming to our house tonight! :) And after much deliberation we finally named this little guy, he will be known as Toby.

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