Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On the 9th Day of Christmas

Because it is Christmas time I decided that on the ninth day of Christmas we would get out our Christmas shaped cookie cutters and make play dough creations out of peppermint smelling play dough, it was a major hit. It turned out to be a great way to entertain, I was surprised how much he enjoyed it, in fact I ended up taking over 300 pictures of him having fun.( A side note I took this with the sport setting on our camera which takes lots of pictures, so I could catch genuine emotion rather than trying to catch the right picture to only end up missing it. ) About a half hour after we cleaned up Carson brought me the container of play dough asking to play with again, this scene took place multiple times throughout the day, so glad he liked it. It was fun as a mom to be able to see you kids enjoying the activities you do with them, and this is probably on the top of my favorite moments with Carson.

Pictures speak a speak a thousand words, he LOVED IT!
 Smelling the peppermint, I also got green play dough and made is smell like rosemary, he kept smelling all day.
 Showing of the glitter.

 Love those lips.
 Push a little harder
Recently we have started a Netflix account and Carson has loved watching a show called Rescue Bots, so today I was the rescue bot. 
"Mom, rescue me!" 
 This picture is horrible of me, but trying to take a picture of the rescue. At least Carson looks cute. 
 One of our Black Friday purchases were a number of these Storybook collection books, they are normally about $16 and we got them for about $6 dollars, they are great quality and books I am sure as a family we will cherish. 
 Today Carson picked up the book and started looking at it in and of itself. 

Sometimes the best moments with your child are ones not planned, such as this. I pretended to step on him as he was rolling on the floor, he let out one of this biggest belly laughs, we continued for a good 10 to 15 minutes. 
 2nd time on his own accord wanted to play.
Finally Toby the elf according to Carson today was trying to get the train!

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