Tuesday, December 3, 2013

On the 3rd Day of Christmas

On the 3rd day of Christmas, when what to my wondering eyes should appear but snowflakes falling from the sky. So I take back my post yesterday that we just might have a brown Christmas if it continues to snow like it did today we will have a splendidly white Christmas this year.

It was quite the surprise to all of us when Robert stepped out to go to work to find 3 inches of freshly fallen snow on the ground. It continued to snow throughout the day and our current snow totals for our local town is 8 inches with another projected 2 to 6 inches over night in some parts of Utah County, love the snow. 

So naturally we all had to get bundled up and head outside to play in the first snow storm of the season.  Unfortunately no picture were taken this time around, it is much harder to take pictures while holding a baby. Carson thoroughly enjoyed himself, while Mom and Sydni stayed just inside the corridor of our condo complex to stay out of the blowing snow as much as possible. 
I can't say Sydni enjoyed her first snowfall, but she didn't cry while outside for about 30 minutes which is good, though her eyes did start to water from the blowing wind, but she was all smiles and bundled up warm in her snow suit. 

Carson was not too happy that we had to come in to get little sister warm, I ended up having to chase after him and carry him in kicking and screaming, we will for sure have to this again. 

Sydni after getting out of her snow suit, not sure you can tell but she was crying and done with the cold, didn't like her cold nose I suppose. 
My rosy cheek boy. 
Our little winter wonderland. 
Jack Frost was nipping at our windows today and quite possibly our toes. 
I think this gloves are just little too big for you Bubba. 
Our dear new friend Akane, Carson loves when she comes over for our weekly get togethers. She was even so kind to make the kids Christmas Stockings that are now hung in the window as we have no fireplace. 
Such a good big brother helping is sister drink water from her bottle. 
We ended our 3rd day of Christmas fun on the couch wrapped up in our blanket watching Santa Clause is Coming to Town, love this classic movie. What a great way to spend the first snow fall of the season. 

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