Monday, December 2, 2013

On the 2nd Day of Christmas

I don't know about you, but I love Christmastime and like many I usually try to fit in too many things during Christmas. It is not hard to forget the big traditions like putting up the Christmas tree, or annual Christmas Parties, but this year I want to make things more memorable for my little ones. 

I recently read something that talks about a "relationship bank" accounts when it comes to our kids. They mentioned that each positive interaction contributed to making the relationship stronger... but doing nothing actually depleted the relationship. I have found since adding another child into my life I have partially neglected my relationship with Carson in part, though I know this is natural to feel with such a big life changing event such as having a baby. 

So this Christmas season I am setting a goal to do a simple activity with him each day during the month of December that will help build our relationship. It should be a lot of fun and up for today is Frosty the Snow Fridge, he turned out really cute. 

I think he turned out quite cute, this will be a new tradition for the Dickens' household. 
 As in anything you can only get a perfect picture when it is the 2 year olds decision. 
Our Cartoon version, trying out our new Nikon d5100 camera we got on Black Friday.

I wonder what activity/craft will have happen on the 3rd Day of Christmas?

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