Thursday, December 26, 2013

On Christmas Eve-24th Day of Christmas

We kept our Christmas Eve activities very simple, by visiting the lights on Salem Pond. We were planning on returning home to read the Nativity story, but both kids were out cold when we got home, so that had to wait. 

This is how we found Carson, I guess he really wast tired, just fought nap time until dinner time. 
Robert got out the camera and got a few pictures of him asleep and then all of a sudden he opened up his eyes and looked up, kind of funny in person. 
However, before going to Salem we stopped off a gift to Grandpa Dickens, and stayed a visited. Though it was a very good visit, when we go to Salem pond it was later than expected, so we decided to view the lights from the nice warm van. 
Carson despritely wanted to get out of the van with Daddy as he took pictures, he had big tears running  down his face, it was pretty sad. 
Then he cheered up and enjoyed the lights. 
A picture of Robert and I, we didn't get a picture of Sydni as we didn't want to disturb her sleep. 
After the kids had gone to bed we wrapped up their presents and placed them ever so neatly under the tree to be opened the following day. 
When we woke up on Christmas Eve we found Toby riding our Polor Express, Carson is sure going to miss our little friend, until he returns next year. 
Twas the Night Before Christmas.... And to all a good night!

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