Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On the 17th Day of Christmas

On the 17th day of Christmas we did No Mess Christmas painting using baggies, I will for sure do this activity from time to time, so easy and he loved it! I cut out a Christmas tree, a candy cane, star, snowman, and a train per request by Carson out of cardboard and placed them in their own individual zip lock bags, and then Carson was ready to pick out his colors. 

All of the shapes we painted minus the star and train they were requested later. Let the painting begin.
I let Carson pick out two different colors per each cardboard cut out and helped him squeeze the paint, he wanted to do it on his own, but it was still a bit hard for him to squeeze so I helped. What can you use to make your master pieces, we chose a variety of trucks and cars of course, with a little bit of finger painting, he thought it was cool he could drive his trucks and cars over the paint and make it move. Makes it into unique play time experience. 
 Carson chose the Christmas tree first with a mixture of Christmas green and red, I promise he chose those colors. 
 He really got into it. 
 Not sure you kids are the same, but Carson loves to line up his toys and move them one by one, the Christmas tree turned into a parking lot. 
 A mint green and maroon colored candy cane. 
 He found the bell on the table and decided that would be fun to use, see you can use anything they want and still no mess. Though my fingers got a little messy when I took them out to dry, but no mess other than that. 
 Yellow and blue snowman
 And finally a red and blue train, we also had a gold and turquoise star and green and purple stocking. 
Loved how the came out, some of the colors blended together more than others, but they were his creations and he had fun, that is all I could ask for. 
As I was cleaning up our painting supplies Carson decided the scrap cardboard could not go to waste and used them as a punching board and coloring board. 
 Mom also had to dry a few trains for him to color, he sure does love his trains. 
This morning Toby decided to test Carson to see if he would touch him, we are proud to say he has not, he understands he will loose his magic! :)

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