Sunday, December 15, 2013

On the 15th Day of Christmas

On the 15th day of Christmas, Carson came out of his room to find Toby the elf washing his precious "B." He thought it was pretty dang funny that Toby put his blanket into the washer and washing it, love the imagination of a little kid, so innocent and such excitement for everything. No wonder we are asked to become like little children in the scriptures. 

Even with these fun traditions such as the elf of the shelf I was once again brought to the remembrance of my savior and why we celebrate Christmas at this time from a couple of  videos one called "O come Emmanuel," and the other "The Nativity," both depicting birth and life of Jesus Christ.. The Christmas season is a time to celebrate the priceless gift of our Savior Jesus Christ. We have our own testimony of Jesus Christ. We love this time of year when we get to celebrate His birth. We he Lives, and the He has provided an opportunity for every person to gain eternal salvation. It is our firm testimony that following His teachings has brought and will continue to bring us the greatest happiness in this life. 

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